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Individual therapy

Virtual session available for New Jersey and New York residents.  

I provide a free intro call. During this call we will discuss your goals, what you are looking to experience in therapy, along with my approach and specialities.

Individual therapy sessions are 50 minutes. 



"Melanie was there for me when I had nothing, when I felt broken, when I was afraid, and when I felt strong. Each week, she helped guide me to a greater understanding of my thoughts that I had trouble making sense of on my own. Because of Melanie, my self-concept is strong and I’m embracing life again. I’d recommend Melanie to anyone in need. She is an exceptional person and human being.” 


Breathwork & Energy Healing 

Breathwork allows the subconscious mind to come forward so healing can take place. I am certified in a type of breathwork which is a quickening of the breath and involves breathing in a specific pattern.

Breathwork takes you out of the everyday pattern of breath and introduces your system to a new pattern. Research shows that this can improve feelings of clarity, self-awareness, and provide a relief from stress, anxiety, and boosts the immune system.


​Breathwork is a great way to release emotional pressure from your body. 

At the beginning of the hour long session we will discuss your intention for our time together. During the session music will play in the background as I prompt and guide you through the session. I will provide specific support and guidance based on how you are progressing and the intention you shared. 

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